Using Google's Real Estate Tools for Lead Generation

Using Google's Real Estate Tools for Lead Generation

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Google Real Estate

Google is used by millions of people every day to search for everything, including real estate. The buzz at the recent Inman Connect Conference in New York City, was the importance of search and being found on Google by your potential customers. To help Realtor’s do that, Google has created “Google for Real Estate Professionals”, a special section just for agents looking for the tools and tips to harness real estate search capabilities. Go to and there you will find Google’s suggestions for utilizing Google Maps, AdWords and YouTube to connect to your potential customers.

As Google states on the site:

“The majority of home buyers use the Internet to research properties. Google makes it easier for real estate professionals to connect with home buyers and renters at every stage – while they’re looking for properties, checking out locations and selecting their agent. It’s how you reach more sellers, attract more buyers and sell more homes.”

Here is a summary of the real estate lead generation options Google highlights:

  • Google Maps puts all parts of the property picture together. It’s a free service and one that makes your listings easier for home buyers to find. Are you uploading your listings to Google? Get more information on how to best do this at Google’s FAQ for Real Estate Agents and Brokers. Also, agents should not overlook services like Real Estate Shows where as part of your membership, you can create a property flyer via a simple, templated process, and have that flyer syndicated not only to Google, but also Trulia, Zillow, and other top listing sites.
  • AdWords (Google’s paid search results program, also know as pay per click advertising) provides effective and efficient lead generation for real estate professionals. Set whatever budget you are comfortable with, target your ads by demographics and geography, and reach potential buyers and sellers at the precise moment they are looking for properties or agents.
  • YouTube: Are you showcasing your listings in video, on your own branded YouTube channel? YouTube isn’t another TV screen, but a window into your business through which viewers can learn about your properties, your people and your ideas. For real estate professionals, it means your listings can sell themselves and home buyers can do a virtual walk-through of potential homes before they contact you.

The site also provides excellent information about using Google Analytics and Insights for Search. The tutorials are well written and easy to understand.

Learning how to best position yourself and your real estate business on Google is fast becoming the critical business skill of the modern Realtor. Google has just made understanding it all a bit easier for the industry with this portal. It’s worth a look.

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