Connect with American Trust Escrow on Facebook

Connect with American Trust Escrow on Facebook

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Are you on Facebook? If not, and you are a sphere of influence (or social) farmer, you probably should be. Facebook is a Web 2.0 site that is one of the greatest ways for Realtors to create a social networking strategy. Facebook currently has over 175 million users and makes it so easy to connect with people you already know from all parts of your life. It is a great way to let those who already know you, what you are currently up to (for example, that you are a Realtor and have a particular expertise in real estate in the Southern California area – think of the potential for referrals!). Find and connect with friends from high school, college, your company, or others in the industry, like American Trust Escrow. American Trust Escrow has a new “fan page” (Facebook terminology). By becoming a fan of American Trust Escrow on Facebook, you have an easy way to stay connected to all of the training and event opportunities that we offer and support. In addition, by connecting with American Trust Escrow on our fan page, you have a way to subtly remind your other Facebook friends that you are in real estate, as they will see you interacting with other professional organizations in the industry. So become a fan! Here is how:

Step 1:

Login to Facebook. (If you aren’t yet on Facebook, it is easy to create an account. Simply fill in the Sign Up section on the homepage and follow the directions to get started)


Step 2:

Search for “American Trust Escrow” in the Search box in the upper right hand corner of the Facebook screen .

Search for American Trust Escrow on Facebook
You will get this as your search result:
find American Trust Escrow on Facebook

Step 3:

Click “Become a Fan”

becone a fan of American Trust Escrow

That is it! Once you click “Become a Fan” the wording will change to “You are a Fan” and you will be connected to American Trust Escrow on Facebook.

You're a fan of American Trust Escrow

Step 4:

Check out our fan page. You can now click “American Trust Escrow” and see the details of our fan page where we will keep current all of our training opportunities (stay tuned…a training session on Facebook for Realtors is coming soon!) and you can keep up with the latest events and announcements from American Trust Escrow. You can even send us a message on our fan page.

American Trust Escrow Fanpage

Just another great way to build your social network and establish yourself as a working Realtor who is keeping up with the latest trends and opportunities in the industry. We look forward to seeing you on our fan page!

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