Are You Ready to Incorporate Facebook Into Your 2011 Marketing Plan?

Are You Ready to Incorporate Facebook Into Your 2011 Marketing Plan?

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Facebook.  You’ve heard all about it.  You may even have a profile, but you’re still not sure how you should use it to help market and promote your business…

Now is the time to focus on making Facebook marketing a part of your New Year’s Resolution.  We’ve found an excellent website that is offering Facebook marketing tips for Realtors every day in the month of December!  Just in time to get your Facebook marketing strategy geared up for the New Year.

Pixel Coaching will teach you everything you need to know about how to use Facebook as a Real Estate business development tool.

Topics covered so far have included:

  1. Privacy: How to protect/filter your posts
  2. Engagement: How to encourage interaction with your Facebook Page
  3. Pages: Creating a unique landing “tab”
  4. “Poking”: How to use this tool appropriately
  5. Lists: Organizing your business contacts

Facebook is one of the best ways to build your social network and establish yourself as a working Realtor who is keeping up with the latest trends and opportunities in the real estate industry.  Click the “Like” button on Pixel Coaching’s Facebook Page to receive tips every day in December, and make sure to “Like” our Page too, while you’re at it!