Four Things Home Buyers Are Looking for in Their Next Home

Four Things Home Buyers Are Looking for in Their Next Home

homebuyertrendsAccording to a recent study, home buyer’s are getting much more particular about the items they “require” in a home. As a whole, the home buyer segment is well aware that many home sellers are eager to sell as quickly as possible. As such, expectations have expanded beyond things that weren’t commonly thought of as “must haves.” Outlined below are a list of the top four things home buyers are keeping a close eye on when viewing properties.

#1 – Well Maintained Property

Fixer-upper homes have lost some popularity.  If a property requires major work, home buyer’s are more apprehensive, worrying that costs might hit them further down the road.  In addition, finding the funds required to complete such work can be more difficult than it was years ago.

#2 – The Great Outdoors

Today’s generation of home buyers appreciate outdoor living spaces, such as sun rooms, screened porches, decks, and outdoor entertaining areas, complete with kitchens and fireplaces, as they have a deep desire to expand their living space well beyond the indoor living quarters.

#3 – A Green Home

The world is going green!  New trends include a home solar system, energy saving windows and appliances, along with sustainable, bamboo flooring and countertops.  This “must have” hits a hot button with a good number of homebuyers, especially Generation Y and Millennial segments.

#4 – Little Doses of Luxury

Even though the space may be small and the materials sustainable, homeowners are still looking for the small luxurious touches in homes. Such doses include high-quality crown moldings, windows, and doors.