Using Personal Landing Pages to Grow Your Business

Using Personal Landing Pages to Grow Your Business

Savvy real estate professionals are turning to personal landing pages to help grow their businesses.  Now, more than ever, it’s easy. and other services give you the ability to setup a personal landing page in just a few minutes. Once it’s up, modern-day technology allows your personal landing page to pull content from sources that you regularly use, keeping it timely, relevant and virtually maintenance-free.

Before you start building your personal landing page, decide what kind of personal connection you want to make with your clients.  Tell them about yourself:  hobbies, family, favorite restaurant, favorite movie.  By doing this, you allow your clients a look at the person behind the sign and resonate with you on a personal level.

Since there are so many ways to be in touch these days, your personal landing page can be a virtual contact list for you.  You can link clients to your Facebook page, Linked In profile, or Twitter feed, while also allowing them a way to contact you via email.  Additionally, you can list all of your phone numbers, office address, and Skype contact information. The more ways a client can get in touch with you, the better.

The most common recommendation is to set up a personal domain (e.g.  That way, you not only appear more professional, but you allow your clients to find and see your “official” brand.  It also allows them a way to find companies and services that you personally trust.

Your personal landing page can become a powerful tool in your sales arsenal.  With some thought and planning, you allow past and present clients a way to stay in touch, while giving them a place to send new referrals.  Then you’re growing your business and building your reputation as someone they like and trust!