5 Ways To Scare Away Real Estate Clients

5 Ways To Scare Away Real Estate Clients

Real Estate Client Maintenance As difficult as it can be to attract new clients to your real estate business, it can be even more difficult to keep those clients. You can employ a variety of tactics to convince home buyers or sellers to use you as their agent in the process, but the only thing that is going to ensure that those clients don’t jump ship to another agent’s services is your ability as an agent.

Buying or selling a home is a long and complicated process and there are a number of things that can scare away clients from wanting to stick with your throughout it. Here are a few reasons and signs your client might be ready to ditch you as an agent, and how to win back their trust once the relationship has taken a wrong turn.

Your Answers Leave Them With Many More Questions

As an agent, your job is to help to guide your client through the process of buying or selling a home. If you find yourself answering questions about advice that your clients have found elsewhere, you may not be fulfilling your duties as their guide. Establish good lines of communication with your clients and make sure that you’re thoroughly answering their questions and coming up with solutions to their problems. Keeping them out of the loop will make them feel unsatisfied and uneducated, feelings that no one really appreciates.

They Are Blindly Following You Through The Process

Especially in a transaction as big as a home sale, clients and customers want to feel like they know what is going on throughout the process, what to expect and how to deal with different occurrences that pop up. Make sure your clients aren’t “flying blind” to the closing of their home. Use your expertise from past transactions to show them what this road looks like and how you’ll help them prepare for what comes up along the way. Show them that you’ve not only worked in the field, but that you’re keeping up on your research by informing them of the latest trends and statistics in real estate.

They Sound Like A Broken Record

Take stock in each and every conversation and information exchange you have with your clients. Let them know that you are hearing their concerns and questions and are actively working to resolve them. If they keep on bringing up the same issues to you, they may feel frustration and may be looking for your replacement.

You Mistake Kindness With Good Business

While it’s always a good rule of thumb to maintain a pleasant demeanor, charming the pants off your client won’t get them in their new home. Make sure you back up your friendly attitude with informed business tactics that will help you get the job done.

They’re Googling Everything

If a client is consulting the mother of all search engines for their real estate questions, chances are you have been knocked down a notch in the expertise area of the field. Keeping in touch with your clients and making sure they’re informed of what you’re doing for them is the best way to maintain your authority on the matter.