altos 7 and 90 day average

Using the Altos Market Report 7- and 90-Day Averages in Your Conversations

Altos Market Reports are an incredibly useful tool that you can use to have conversations with your clients. Their primary purpose is to give your prospects and clients a clear, easy-to-understand answer to the popular question: “How’s the market?”

There are two crucial data points that drill down a bit deeper, and these are the Altos 7- and 90-day averages. Both of these are located in the second segment of your reports, and you can use this data to help drive both your conversations with your clients and your marketing.

Here is a closer look at how you might use these data points:   

7-Day Average

    • Illustrates the 7-day average, which is captured every week over three years. 
    • Using this metric can help identify short-term changes in the market over a more extended period.


90-Day Average 

    • Illustrates the 90-day average, which is 13 weeks of the 7-day that have been averaged out. You will see this average is a smoother curve, as it covers more data than the 7-day alone. 
    • You will probably use this average more frequently, as it provides a broader illustration of changes in the market. 


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