create your own luck

Creating Your Own Luck, A Few Thoughts From Our President, Jeff Russell

Every time I interview someone, I ask a lot of questions. Sometimes the questions are different, but there is one I always ask: “Do you consider yourself lucky?” 

I get all kinds of different answers. But here are a few of the most frequent: 

  • “Yes, I guess I am lucky.”
  • “I believe you make your own luck.”
  • “I’m the unluckiest person ever.” 


I should mention that I did not hire the person who gave that last answer.

The idea here is, can you create your own luck? And I believe you can. There are plenty of studies that prove it (remember, you can prove anything with any study if you look hard enough). 

Here are some ideas on how to be luckier: 

  • Work hard. Thomas Jefferson said it best, “I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.”
  • Network. Meet new people, and don’t be afraid to ask for help! I believe that you know everyone you need to know to be successful. You just need to be willing to ask for their help. 
  • Help others. If we always lent a helping hand to those in need, we probably wouldn’t even need luck. 
  • Give, give, give. Hang out with people who give. Giving spreads more giving and kindness. 
  • Visualize what success looks like to you. Make a dream board. You want to be prepared to act when luck is ready to show itself. 
  • Be aware. Here’s a great quote by Sally Koslow, “Learn to recognize good luck when it’s waving at you, hoping to get your attention.” 


To sum it up, if you act like Eeyore and expect bad luck, you will get bad luck. But, on the other hand, if you expect good luck and work on living some of the ideas I mentioned above, you will have good luck. 

So, as you go through the coming week, think about what you’d like to be lucky at, believe it, and make it a reality. Life is good. – Jeff  

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