beliefs and your story

How Beliefs Form Your Story, A Few Thoughts From Our President, Jeff Russell

I have talked a lot about changing your story, so today, I wanted to dive deeper into this question: how have your beliefs formed your story? 

Often, negative beliefs are conclusions we have drawn based on experiences we had in our younger years. But how do they serve us at 35, 45, or 57? They don’t!  

Here’s an example. Belief: I am not good with money. 

Pretty self-limiting, right? But that’s what so many of us focus on, and that sucks because self-limiting beliefs hold us back from being the best version of ourselves. 

If you have self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back and you want to put in the work to change things, here are some tips: 

  1. Identify the belief 
  2. Accept that it’s a belief, not a truth 
  3. Understand its negative effects and how they’re impacting you
  4. Challenge the belief and create a new belief
  5. Put it into practice


Let’s look back at the first example: 

  • Initial belief: I am not good with money. 
  • New belief: I have made some bad money decisions in the past, but I have learned so many lessons and now have the opportunity to be really good with money. 


Do you see how different those two statements are? The new belief acknowledges the past, but focuses on awesome possibilities and the future. 

If this sounds easy, you must be stoned! It’s tough to do this. Something that I know has worked for me is having daily affirmations. This is telling yourself the new belief, which allows you to fake it until you make it. Do it over and over again… each and every day. I promise. This stuff works. 

Change your beliefs. Change your story. Change your life. 

Life is good. – Jeff  

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