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How a Doorknob Can Help Us Live a More Balanced Life, A Few Thoughts From Our President, Jeff Russell

I initially started brainstorming this message, thinking it would focus on living a more balanced life. But I realized it was more about being present as I thought through what I wanted to share. 

So, here we are. For me, this journey started about 17 years ago. I wasn’t always leaving work at work, and I wasn’t leaving home at home either. I really wanted to give Dori and Cambri my full attention when I was home, and my team my full attention when I was at work. So I was trying to find that balance. 

Around that time, I read about someone who used the doorknob as a reminder to be present. That symbolism really spoke to me. So, I tried it, and it worked! You almost always have to touch a doorknob to get in and out of a place. 

When I got home, I touched the doorknob, and it was a reminder to leave work behind and be present at home. The same applies for each office I visit – to leave home and all the other offices behind so I can be present for the people in that building. 

This became such a symbolic habit that when my doorknob at home broke a few years ago, I didn’t want to replace it! I felt like I needed that familiar touch on my hand when I opened the door.

In the weeks ahead, I encourage you to try this exercise. It’s so simple, but if done consistently and mindfully, it really pays off and will help you be present with whoever and whatever stands on the other side of that door. 

Life is good. – Jeff 

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