About Jeff Russell


Jeff has spent a large portion of his career leading, mentoring and supporting others to grow not only their professional lives, but also in their personal lives. His passion for people, coupled with his inventive business mindset, has led him to be a visionary in the industry over the past decade.


Jeff entered the business world during the emergence of the digital era. Seeing the massive amount of opportunities that technology supported, Jeff joined a global high tech firm in international sales –  where he quickly moved from a manager position to being shareholder and board member of the company.


Over time and several executive management positions, Jeff developed his modus operandi —a framework of empathy and persistent learning that would become the foundation for Glen Oaks Escrow. This framework is evident in Jeff’s passion for coaching, amongst other things. At Glen Oaks Escrow, he created an internal coaching program to help guide employees to become the best version of themselves on both a professional and personal level.


As President of Glen Oaks Escrow, Jeff manages the strategic direction of the organization in a very personalized and human way. Through his compassionate approach and encouraging those around him to be the best possible versions of themselves, Jeff has contributed to making the company what it is today.

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